About Us

Mission and Vision Statements
Vision Statement:

Men who have experienced trauma thrive in a community that understands and empowers them to lead fulfilling lives.

Mission Statement:

To provide psychological and practical support to facilitate healing for males and people who identify as male, sixteen years and older, who experience the effects of trauma.

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report 2015/16                       Financial Statements 2015/16

Confidentiality & Exceptions To Confidentiality

Confidentiality is key to the effectiveness of the counselling process, so the personal information you share will be kept confidential. Your counsellor may disclose some information for the purposes of professional consultation with colleagues or with our clinical case consultant but as much as possible your identity will be protected. These discussions are for the sole purpose of giving you the best service possible and will not involve anyone outside the agency without your prior signed permission. Confidentiality continues after the end of the counselling relationship. There are some exceptions to the counsellor’s duty of confidentiality, in particular:
a) if a child is or may be at risk of abuse or neglect or in need of protection;
b) if a counsellor believes that you or another person is at clear risk of harm;
c) for the purpose of complying with a legal order such as a subpoena, or if the disclosure is otherwise required or authorized by law.