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Services and Support => Immediate help, Sexual Assault

If you have been sexually assaulted within the last 7 days, you have access to the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). The SART team is available to anyone including men who are 13 years old and over. The SART team provides confidential support which is available 24/7 and can identify and explain your options, as well as provide you with support, medical care, information and referrals. The Sexual Assault Response Team is comprised of a support worker from the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre, a specially trained Forensic Nurse Examiner (FNE) and, if you choose, the police. The SART team can meet you at the Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic ( Victoria General Hospital or a police station.
There are 3 ways to access this team, either:
• Call the crisis and information Line: 250-383-3232 ( to connect with the SART team who can connect you with the Victoria Sexual Assault Clinic (
• Go to the Victoria General Hospital (VGH) emergency room department
• Go to your local police stations in the greater Victoria Area
For more information about SART services click here (
Getting medical attention
If you have serious physical injuries seek immediate medical help by calling 911 or going to your nearest Emergency Room.
If you have been sexually assaulted within the last 3 days you have the option to have a medical and/or forensic exam by a specially trained forensic nurse (FNE). Click here for more information (
Reporting to the Police
In most situations it is your choice whether you report to the police or not. Should you choose to do this you can ask for more information and support from the SART support worker or make an appointment with a Victim Service Worker at the Men’s Trauma Center 250.381.6367. The Victim Service Worker will help you think through your options and choices.
You don’t have to decide right away about reporting to the police you can take some time to think about what you want to do. A Victim Service Worker can support you in this process and it can be helpful to write down what you remember about what happened to you as it can be useful if you decide to report in the future.
For more information about reporting to the police click here (
There are some exceptions to your choice to report to the police:
A child is at risk or there is a public safety concern
Follow up Support
You can get follow up emotional support and information at the Men’s Trauma Centre. If you decide that you want some follow up support the SART worker will, with your consent, make a referral to the Men’s Trauma Centre and you will receive a call from one of our Victim Service Workers who will make an appointment with you. All services at the Men’s Trauma Centre are confidential and there to support you. At anytime you can contact the Men’s Trauma Centre directly: or call 250.381.6367