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National/International Mental Health

Aboriginal Resources:
Native Friendship Centre  250-384-3211
Hulitan Family and Community Service Society 250-384-9466

Addictions and Mental Health Services
Drug Substance Use Resource list for British Columbia
Mental Health and Addictions – Addictions Outpatient Treatment (VIHA) 250-518-3544
Mental Health Intake (VIHA) 250-519-3485
Methadone Clinic 250-294-6714
Salvation Army Addictions and Rehab 250-384-3396
Victoria Withdrawal Management Services 250-213-4444
Substance Use Services (VIHA)  250-213-4441
Umbrella Society 250-380-0595

Crisis Services:
Crisis Centre BC 604-872-1811
Vancouver Island Crisis Society 877-753-2496 (BC Only) Crisis line- 1-888-494-3888
Victim Services BC

Employment, Income, and Family Services
Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation 1-800-663-7867
Salvation Army Community & Family Services 250-386-8521

Community Resources
PEERS Victoria Resource Society

Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline 1-833-900-1010