Welcome to the Men’s Trauma Centre

The Men’s Trauma Centre is here to help and support anyone who identifies as a man who has experienced emotional, sexual or physical trauma as a child or an adult. Experiencing a trauma is distressing and can impact every part of your life. Sometimes you may have lived with a trauma for years or perhaps this is something that happened to you recently.

Me do experience trauma, it’s more common than you may think and it can be devastating. There is help here for you and we are here to listen to you. When you survive a trauma you may experience:

  • Difficulty dealing with your feelings (anger, stress, depression, anxiety)
  • Trouble getting along with your partner/family/children
  • Challenges at work
  • Trouble sleeping; bad dreams/insomnia
  • Disturbing memories or ‘flashbacks’ of the traumatic event
  • Increased use or problems with alcohol and/or drugs

When you first contact the Men’s Trauma Centre you will be seen for what we call an ‘intake session’. This is a time for you to talk in confidence with someone who can support you and help you decide what you want to do next. Below are some of the services we offer to men.

Call 250-381-6367 or email info @ menstrauma dot com to book your first appointment

Victim Services

Victim Services workers are here to offer you short-term emotional support. They can:

  • Give information about reporting your abuse/assault to the police
  • Help you understand how trauma can affect you and your family
  • Help you prepare for court should you choose to pursue charges
  • Refer you to one of our counsellors for ongoing therapy
  • Help you apply for Crime Victim Assistance funding
  • Refer you to other social service agencies you may need.


A therapist can meet with you on a one-to-one basis. They are trained and experienced in helping men who have experienced trauma, including childhood sexual abuse.

Each therapist has trained in different therapeutic approaches including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Client Centred approaches. You will receive supportive and confidential therapy in a safe environment.

Youth Crime Reduction Program

Our clinic is looking at how trauma therapy/counselling may help to reduce further crime and involvement in the criminal justice system among young men aged 16-30. This program involves an intake and assessment session, 15 sessions of individual trauma therapy/counselling, as well as a post-program assessment session. We are offering these 15 weeks of therapy for free with full participation.


Groups are offered when there are enough men who are ready to start one. One of the benefits of being in a group is sharing with other men who have also experienced trauma.

Groups we currently offer:

Parenting Groups for Dads is a 10-week parenting group to help you discover how your trauma can trigger you as a parent.

Our dad’s group will aim to provide education about what happens when our brains have experienced trauma in our development and how this can be triggered by raising children. become aware of triggers

The Stage One “You Are Not Alone” Trauma Stabilization Group for Men is a 10-week educational program intended to support and begin to facilitate the healing process for self-identifying adult males who have experienced the effects of trauma.

Please contact us if you are interested in more information and/or want to take that step to move forward in your healing and recovery within an inclusive, safe, and supportive environment.