Men’s Trauma Centre -Victim Services


Victim Services

Our Victim

Services Program provides non-clinical help to adult and

mature youth male victims of sexual assault, survivors of

childhood physical and sexual abuse. Our

professionally-trained Victim Services Coordinator, Frances

Strauss, can offer you emotional support and can give you

information about legal matters such as reporting abuse to

the police. She can also help set up counselling sessions

for men who want to share their feelings with one of our

professional counsellors. Frances has over 10 years of

experience in victim services.

Victim Support

Services Include:

  • Providing

    program information to prospective new clients


  • Conducting

    intake sessions with new clients to ascertain their

    needs relative to the Victim Services Program


  • Referring

    clients to other services where appropriate


  • Ensuring

    that clients in crisis are referred to appropriate

    support, e.g. therapist, family doctor, hospital, as

    soon as possible


  • Providing

    information to clients, general and case-specific about

    the criminal justice system as per the Victims of Crime



    providing support to victims throughout their

    participation in the justice process.


  • Providing

    service and support to victims who choose not to engage

    in the justice system.


  • Assisting

    in completing forms such as those required for the Crime

    Victim Assistance Program and Victim Impact Statements,

    and guidance through the process


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